The Ambient Glow Cycle

ambient glow in the dark

USA GLOW Products are Eco-Friendly & 100% Safe
USA GLOW specializes in non-toxic, high performing photoluminescent glow in the dark products that use the photoluminescence property of Strontium aluminate as a source of clean, renewable energy while providing beauty and safety in low-light areas of your home and garden.

Glow in the Dark Products that Lasts for Decades
The unique property of all of USAGLOW products is in their long lasting ambient glow or afterglow, a glow that will last 10-12 hours every night. In addition, our pebbles and aggregate line of products are not only durable and made to withstand extreme weather conditions, but they will provide their lasting glow for 20 years!

How the Glowing Property works
Our Glow products absorb and “charge” with light from the sun (or through any light source) for 10-20 minutes and then they will slowly release their light as an ambient glow or afterglow as soon as the light source starts to dissipate, lasting an amazing 10-12 hours. The brightness our products is 10 times brighter than the original ‘Glow in the Dark’ products made with Zinc Sulphide. Another difference is that products (usually toys or stickers) made with Zinc Sulphide will quickly lose their luminescence while our Strontium aluminate based products will keep their ambient glow for 10-12 hours.


How bright and how long does it really Glow?
There are several factors that will determine how bright and how long the brightness lasts:
1. The color
We offer an array of color in glow products that are the brightest possible in their color category. The ‘glow’ and afterglow effect will depend on the color of the product itself as it is determined by the originating substance used chemically and biologically speaking. For instance, if you are hoping for the brightest glow available, the color green would be your first choice since it glows the brightest (because our human eyes perceive green the brightest in the absence of light), while the aqua color provides its glow for the longest period.

2. The light they receive to charge
10-20 minutes of UV light or sunlight is the best source of light to charge our products, but, any other source of light will work just as well –just not as quickly as UV light or sunlight. In a scenario where you have an artificial source of light (especially during the night) our products will charge and provide a spectacular show of brightly-colored glow within the first 20 minutes, then they will slowly decrease their glow until achieving the ambient glow, in this state the afterglow will last 10-12 hours.

3. How dark is dark?
The best place to use our glow products is an area where there will be no other light source at night. In the absence of light and our eyes adapted to night vision; you’ll will be able to fully experience the ambient glow or afterglow. Interestingly, it takes 5-7 minutes for the human eye to become fully adapted to darkness and restore it’s retinal sensitivity to its maximum level, hence, see best at night.

3. Glow particle size and quantity
One significant factor that will determine the brightness of our Glow products is the particle size; generally, the bigger the particles, the better the glow. In our manufacturing process the particles VS binding agent is at it’s maximum brightness level so that it will hold as much light or brightness as it is possible while maintaining the integrity of the materials used. But regardless, the greater density of glow particles that are exited and emitting light together the better the glow perception, i.e. the more pebbles/aggregate or thicker paint coat, the brighter the glow.

For best results:
Glow products in general need a good amount of darkness (without competing light sources) for our eyes to fully experience their ambient glow.


What is Strontium aluminate?
Strontium aluminate is a solid odorless, nonflammable, pale yellow powder, heavier than water. It is chemically and biologically inert. When activated with a suitable dopant, in this case, Europium, it acts as a photoluminescent phosphor with long persistence of phosphorescence.

Strontium aluminate is a vastly superior phosphor to the classic copper-activated zinc sulfide; it is about 10 times brighter and 10 times longer glowing (what we call as having an afterglow or ambient glow).

Strontium aluminate phosphors produces two colors green and aqua. The highest brightness emanates of the green color (due to the human eye’s light and color perception in the absence of light) and aqua has the longest lasting afterglow/ambient glow time. Other colors can be produced from strontium aluminate as well, however there is some loss of intensity of brightness, though they are still quite useful.


Did you Know?
–What Causes Poor Night Vision
There are many reasons people have poor night vision, one could simply be Vitamin A deficiency or even bright Sun exposure!

“Sunlight exposure. If your night vision seems temporarily worse after a trip to the beach, it probably is. Sustained bright sunlight can impair night vision for up to two days. Wear your sunglasses regularly to avoid this cause of poor night vision.”
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